Stockamöllan Blues 'n' Roots Festival

Festival gig coming up Saturday 15 June, Stockamöllan in the South of Sweden. Three acts, Old Lost John opening the night. Read more on the gigs page.

Hope to see you there if you're in that neck of the woods, chheers! /Tomas

Seers and Weathermen


Howdy folks,

The new Old Lost John album "Seers and Weathermen" is available today on your favourite streaming and download platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and whatnot. These ten songs were written over the past few years and mostly recorded from October last year onwards. Some of them were recorded in my small flat in Malmo and some in my parents old house in the dark woods of Smaland where I grew up. All performed, mixed and mastered by yours truly to the best of my abilities, I hope it all will sound as fine through your speakers or headphones as it does through mine.

Hope you will like what you hear, cheers!

Tomas / Old Lost John


Made of Mud

Howdy folks,
This is the first time I've made the brave decision to release a single. It was recorded in a big old house in the middle of the woods, vocals and guitar simultaneously into a small all-in-one recording unit. Intermittent harmonica and slide mandolin were added later back in town, and everything was mixed and mastered by yours truly to the best of my abilities. The song is about the state of the world in general and climate change in particular - any comments and further inquiries about the mythically tinted lyrics are much welcome. Now this is probably not anyone's recipe for a viral smash hit, but if you like the song and think there might be friends in your network who might like it too I'd be extremely grateful if you share it on social media and add it to your public playlists. Peace and love to all of you!


In the garden

In Malmö, don't miss it!

Pickin' the blues.

Old Lost John plays NGBG festival in Malmö.

Following a lengthy hiatus, I will get back on stage at the NGBG Gatufest in Malmö September 9. I will probably field test some songs from my next album, preliminary scheduled for release in January.

Devil's Got A Hold On You

Here's a lyric-video of Devil's Got A Hold On You from the recent Strayways digital EP.

Strayways released today!

Six-track EP Strayways now available on Bandcamp. Download includes a hidden bonus track that you won't find on Spotify, iTunes etc. And better sound quality, to boot. Those of you who still prefer Spotify will have to wait a few days.


Strayways - forthcoming six-track EP.

Old Lost John at Live at Heart!

Playing at the Live at Heart Festival in Örebro, Sweden on Saturday 5th September. Two gigs, first at Slottskrogen 16:00, then at Scandic Veranda 22:00. It's a city festival and there are several venues with live music all over town, but you need a festival pass to get in. All you need to know can be found here. Hope to see some of you! Cheers!


A rare opportunity for fans and friends in New York to witness Old Lost John live! ETG Book Café on Staten Island the 17th this month. First time in America! More details here. Cheers!

Lost in Swansea - free digital download!

Spring is here (in Sweden anyway) and I'm in a good mood. Making myself ready for a handful of German dates next week, but first I'd like to offer you a digital download EP from my gig at The Chattery in Swansea, UK, back in December last year. As an introductory offer, lasting for one week, you can download it for free, or choose to pay whatever you feel it might be worth to you. The download comes with full lyrics and a secret video link of rare footage. And if you're just as happy simply streaming it online, you can do that too. It's called Lost in Swansea, and yes, me and my tour companion I'm Kingfisher actually got a little lost on the way, but that's another story.

Oh, and the German tour, for those of you whom it may concern, please have a closer look here.

Anything else? Nah, that'll be it for now. Remember to follow me on Facebook and Yotube as well and we'll all be happy and reasonably satisfied! And be careful out there!

All the best,


Midwinter greetings and new videos!

Midwinter greetings to you all! Malmo is cold, dark and rainy and I keep my candles burning. And here are some new live videos from the gig in Swansea 7 December! Cheers!

UK gigs update!

A change to the UK gigs schedule in December. The London gig has been moved to the 8th and will be at Windmill Brixton. So, 6th in Newport, 7th in Swansea, and 8th at Windmill Brixton in London. More details on the 'gigs' page.

UK December dates!

Well, it's been a while, but in December I will be back in the UK for a string of gigs, supporting fellow Swede and good friend I'm Kingfisher. We'll be in Newport on the 6th, Swansea the 7th and London the 9th, with a possible additional gig on the 8th. For further details, see the 'gigs' page. Cheers!

Caving In EP finally here!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! Once again I've kept you waiting far too long. Well, the long wait is over and the new Old Lost John release, an EP or mini-album titled "Caving In" is finally here! It's a rather bare-bones, no-frills affair with six sparsely arranged tracks. Some spectacular opera vocals from Agnes Wästfelt on one song, but most of the tracks just me solo with few overdubs. Lyrically, sways from the claustrophobic and fragmented to the straightforward narrative, the poetic and vaguely philosophic, but most of the time - with the rare exception - that unmistakable dark undercurrent!

Listen to it here, and if you're so inclined, you can also buy the CD or download to help me pay the bills and support my future creative output! Cheers!

New release in July!

Old Lost John opens for Fairport Convention in Malmo!

Old Lost John and Big City Lights!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! Today I can proudly announce that I'm among the artists handpicked for the brand new booking agency Big City Lights' roster! Big thanks to Del Day and Martin Reay in Brighton for believing in me and deciding to help me with UK bookings in 2013! Del has been in the music industry for over 20 years and has worked in distribution, retail, radio, journalism and currently owns Ark PR, an independent music press and radio publicity company. Martin has been promoting in Brighton for a number of years and currently presents a much loved radio show on

Hopefully, this means you fans and friends out there across the UK will get to see a bit more of me in the future! Cheers!

UK gigs coming up!

Fans in the southeast of England may be delighted to know that I'm coming over for a brief stint of gigs between 26th and 30th of April. Thursday the 26th I'm in Tufnell Park, north London, opening for another Swede, though since long based in London, namely Benjamin Folke Thomas. Next up is Brighton on Saturday 28th and The Green Door Store, where I'm supporting Neil Halstead (Mojave 3). Finally, I'm headlining at The Railway Hotel in Southend-on-sea on Monday the 30th. I'm gonna do a couple of new songs I haven't tried in front of an audience before, as well as favourites from my previous albums, and I hope to see some of you out there. Cheers!

"As We Do In Dreams" live video!

A video from the gig at Moriskan, Malmö back in July. The song, As We Do In Dreams, was released on a limited CD-R back in 2005 and has remained a live favourite among fans ever since.

Rave review of new album!

Some pretty excellent reviews for the "Bringing Down the Sky" album, and here's one I'd particulary like to share with you, from renowned web site "Once again Sweden connects with the new world in old ways. Tomas Thurnberg, the prime mover behind Old Lost John gained rave reviews for his 2009 release “Faceless”, hailed as a “folk noire” masterpiece. Two years on he presents us with this follow up which is as fine a set of wintry bare boned tales as we’ve heard in a long time. With his gravelled voice, guitar and mandolin, Thurnberg is supported by a skeletal crew playing banjo, violin, ronroco (a Peruvian lute) and occasional trombone. There are backing vocals on three of the songs but the overall sound is sparse and pared with atmospheric sound effects at times including thunder and wooden creaking. There are elements of dark Appalachian ballads here but at times one is reminded of English folk of the sixties from the likes of Bert Jansch while the wheezy Into The Bone could have come from the pen of Tom Waits. Opening song Satan’s Got You Down is misleading. With its banjo and fiddle playing it’s the most American sounding song here and despite the lyrical warnings about the temptations of the devil it trots along at a fair pace. After this the record delves into darker spaces at a crawl. There are chilling pieces such as Smooth Lover with its running away theme and Scarecrow where the singer appears to crave peace and solitude. Bruised love appears time and again on the album be it the Jansch like Sparkle and rain, the folky death ballad of Gallow’s Hill or the rippling Make It Last. Overall the album has an air of mystery compounded by the opaque lyrics and atmospheric music. It deserves full attention and grows and envelops one like mildew in a dark and abandoned house." (Reviewers rating: 9/10) Wow. I have to say a review like this makes me a little proud. Well, let's hope more people out there will discover the album! Take care and stay humble, cheers!

The new album released!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! The new album 'Bringing Down the Sky' is here! Go to the 'shopping page' to order directly from me, $15 to anywhere in the world, postage included.

Release gig tonight at Vinylbaren, Malmö, Sweden. The upcoming UK tour starts on Saturday the 16th at The Basement in Brighton, where I open for Carrie Elkin. Cheers!


Fans, friends, fairies and fools! Only two weeks left, here's a little taste of the new album!

OLD LOST JOHN Satan's Got You Down by Old Lost John OLD LOST JOHN Eluding Me by Old Lost John

Live recordings!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! A couple of live recordings from last year, Dagger Dagger from Malmö in March and Broken from Marlow FM Festival in September! OLD LOST JOHN Broken (live in Marlow UK 2010-09-11) by Old Lost John OLD LOST JOHN Dagger Dagger (live at Kong 2010-03-13) by Old Lost John

Album release and UK tour in April!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! The new Old Lost John album "Bringing Down the Sky" is scheduled for release on April 13, and will be followed by a UK tour starting in Brighton the 16th and ending in Newcastle the 28th. Eight gigs in total, full details on the Calendar page. After a few late changes, this is the final track list on the album: 1) Satan's Got You Down, 2) Eluding Me, 3) Smooth Lover, 4) Scarecrow, 5) Sparkle and Rain, 6) Gallow's Hill, 7) Make It Last, 8) Into the Bone, 9) Regina's Bar, 10) From An Airborne. The album will be made available directly through me (on this website) or CDBaby, and downloads from iTunes, Amazon etc. Take care and stay humble! Tomas

Happy New Year!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! Thanks to all of you who supported Old Lost John during 2010, and everybody I've had the pleasure to work with on stage and in the studio. Olof Jennfors, Göran Abelli, Ida Gustafsson, Johan Malmberg, Val Aviv, Mikael Persson, Frida Ekerlund, Ståle Holgersen... Apologies if I forget someone! Sweden is cold, dark and covered in snow at this point, but I'm looking forward to a bright year, with the new album, titled Bringing Down the Sky, finally to be released in March. UK residents may also look forward to my next tour in April, and I'll try to put together an Italian tour as well before the summer. Plenty of live videos are to be found on my YouTube channel at and the first promo video for the forthcoming album should be up in February. Also, a reminder about the official Old Lost John page on Facebook, please join! Stay humble, and best wishes for 2011! Tomas of Old Lost John

Live videos!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! I've put up a batch of live videos from a gig in Malmö a couple of weeks ago on YouTube. They were shot in HD, and what you hear is a rough blend of soundboard mix and audience recording.

Go to

Old Lost John live stream!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! Don't miss the Old Lost John live session for Songs From The Ark in Brighton this Friday (3rd Sept) at 6 PM on Radio Reverb 97.2FM. Streaming LIVE on

NOTE! This event is streaming LIVE at 6 PM in Britain, so times differ depending on where in the world you are. In Sweden, for instance, it's 19:00. Cheers!

Going to the UK!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! I'm going to the UK for a handful of gigs again and kick off at The Basement in Brighton on Friday 3rd September. Emily Jane White headlines, and Matt Bauer & Dana Falconberry perform as well, so there are several good reasons to check it out if you're anywhere nearby. Tickets are £ 9, but that's a bargain considering the talent gathered.

Tickets here:

Venue website:

Facebook event:!/event.php?eid=143878835638686

There are still a couple of question marks about the following gigs, so I'll get back to you when everything's been confirmed.



Recordings underway!

The Swedish summer has been pretty hot and exhausting this year. Nevertheless, recordings for the next album is underway, and this week I've had lovely Brightonian Val Aviv in the studio, adding harmonies to three of my songs as well as nailing some of her own material. The results are very promising, though it's a long way to go before the final mixes.

The working title for the next album is "Bringing Down the Sky", which is a line from one of the songs. No final decision made regarding which songs will be on the album as yet, though five or six of about twenty or so seem pretty much on the safe side. Release date? No promises, but hopefully some time in October.

I'll keep you updated. Cheers!

UK Spring Tour 2010!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools!

Old Lost John is going to the UK! These are the dates:

22 May - Tudor House, Wigan

23 May - The Orange Tree, Nottingham

24 May - The Grapes, Sheffield

26 May - The Sheepwalk, London (supporting DADDY)

27 May - The Green Note, London (supporting David Olney)

30 May - Stag's Head, London (supporting Southern Tenant Folk Union)

Check the Gigs page for more details!



Join Old Lost John on Facebook!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! I've created a page for Old Lost John on Facebook, so please join in and become fans. An easy way to follow what's going on, interact in discussions and comment on updates, check out who your fellow fans are and connect ahead of gigs in your area. 

The link is

Hope to see you all there, cheers!


Another year gone...

Fans, friends, fairies and fools, thanks to all of you who supported Old Lost John during 2009, and everybody I've had the pleasure to work with on stage and in the studio, as well as those of you who were otherwise involved in the creation of the Faceless album. Let's see... Olof Jennfors, Göran Abelli, Ida Gustafsson, Frida Ekerlund, Frida Åstrand, Thomas Denver Jonsson, Johan Malmberg, Jan Hellman, Mattias Ljungren, Paul Ström, Anton Axelsson... Apologies if there's someone I forget to mention!

The reviews for the album have been quite stunning, and I'm looking forward to start working on the next one. I won't hurry things though, so don't expect to hear the first tracks until the spring or summer. UK residents may look forward to my next tour in May, with seven or eight gigs already confirmed. 

In the meantime, check out the new video for Come Saturday, made by my friend Joel Nevrup, by clicking on 'Video' in the navigation bar above!

Stay humble, and best wishes for 2010!
Tomas of Old Lost John

Midwinter greetings!

Merry Christmas to everyone concerned and Midwinter Greetings to you all, fans, friends, fairies and fools!

A UK tour is scheduled for May, most dates already in place, and new songs are continuously written, waiting to be recorded. Some video works are also waiting in the wings. Well, as most anyone, I'm rather busy at this time of year, but I'll update you further as we enter 2010!

Take care and stay humble!


Americana UK review - 8 out of 10!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! Here's another excellent review of the new album, this one from the renowned Americana UK website!

"Swedish folk noir that manages to sound fresh and new

Swedish, moody, and wrapped up in that American folk-noir vibe seemingly de rigueur in his homeland, Tomas Thunberg AKA Old Lost John however has an altogether wider sphere of influence on which he draws for his work. Alongside the obvious nods to the roots tradition there are elements of the carnival-esque roguishness of Waits mixed with winsome orchestrated, down-played grandness of, say, a stripped down Willard Grant Conspiracy. It all adds up to an excellent album of strong, absorbing songwriting and simplistic yet novel musical accompaniment.

Introspective tales of love lost, gone but not forgotten, is the order of the day here all supported tellingly by intermittent bursts of accompaniment from lone horns, waifish harmonies, or dark, distant mandolins. It makes for a wonderful un-hurried listen that gets even more appealing with repeated plays. Fellow ertwhistle Swede Thomas Denver Jonsson is on hand to keep stoking that lo-fi fire which, in these parts, is always most welcome. A noticeably different take on the traditional singer-songwriter approach so common place these days, Faceless is an altogether more intriguing proposition and a record well worth searching out."

Date review added:  Monday, October 05, 2009
Reviewer:  Del Day
Reviewers Rating: 8/10

Terrascope review.

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! Here's a fantastic review from the Terrascope website:

"Having released a handful of CD-R’s, Tomas Thunberg now graces our ears with his first official CD album, the beautiful and delicate “Faceless”, a collection of songs that are filled with a sadness and acceptance, not depressing but awash with wistfulness and wisdom. Opening track “Broken” finds the spirits of Towne Van Zandt and Leonard Cohen, walking across a desolate coastline, a mournful trombone adding gravity to the picked guitar phrases. On “Fairies and Fools”, a bowed saw and delicate backing vocals from Frida Astrand, create the perfect sonic landscape for the inherent sadness, some fine guitar fills completing the songs beauty.

More upbeat, “Come Saturday” has a sparkling guitar motif, simple and effective, the trombone again adding atmosphere, the lyrics not as cheerful as the bright tune would suggest. As with the rest of the tunes, the instrumentation on this song is pitched perfectly, allowing the listener to get lost within the small sketches and sad tales. After the graceful “In from the Cold”, complete with mandolin fills, things are slowed down for the droning “Tremble”, a pump organ and the sound of wine glasses used to devastating effect, an atmospheric delight that sounds better every time.

Consistent in its sound yet varied enough to hold the attention , this album maintains the quality throughout, with “Railway Car” reminding me of Iron and Wine with its hypnotic rhythm, whilst the bleakness of “Nothing Good” is an icy breath of surrender, lost love and memories, the line containing the word “elephant” bringing a surreal smile to your lips!

To close the album, the wyrdness of “Dagger Dagger” will make you listen, as memorable a song as I have heard this year, the eerie atmosphere drawing a veil of mist around your ears, sounding like Kevin Ayers at his most atmospheric.

Low-key and personal, this is fast becoming one of this year’s favourites, try it and see for yourself. (Simon Lewis)"

Get it now!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! To buy the new album, Faceless, click the button below and pay via Paypal, and I will personally handle your order and send the album to you immediately. This is the quickest way, and also lets me keep most of the money myself!

OLD LOST JOHN Faceless CD - $15 (world wide, shipping included) So, get it now, and enjoy! Cheers, Tomas

The new album is here!


Fans, friends, fairies and fools! The time has come to proudly present the new Old Lost John album! Launching my own label, Tight Grain Recordings, "Faceless" will in fact be my first properly manufactured album after a string of demos and limited CD-R releases.

At the core of it all is my voice and quiet fingerpicking, embellished by occassional other instruments in a purely acoustic setting. The album was recorded during late nights at my private home studio, and features inspired performances from a small cast of musicians. There are Göran Abelli's exquisite trombone fills, the eerie spells of Frida Åstrand's bowed saw, mandolin by Olof Jennfors and four various backup singers: Ida Gustafsson, Frida Ekerlund, Frida Åstrand and critically praised songwriter and fellow Swede Thomas Denver Jonsson. There's also a vast array of various acoustic instruments, like guitars, mandolin, mandola, melodeon, pump organ, tremelo harmonica and tin whistle, that I took care of myself.

The track list goes like this: 01 Broken, 02 Fairies And Fools, 03 Come Saturday, 04 In From The Cold, 05 Tremble, 06 She Won't Listen (remastered), 07 Railway Car (remastered), 08 Nothing Good, 09 And She Looked Down, 10 Dagger Dagger (remastered).

The album will have its full release on the 17th of September through CDBaby and their digital partners Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster etc. However, it will be exclusively available already to those attending my upcoming UK shows between September the 7th and 10th (see Calendar). The official release gig in my home town of Malmo, Sweden, will not take place until October the 7th, when hopefully all or most of the people performing on the album will be able to take part.

I'll get back to you with links and more detailed info about how to order the album when I'm back home again after my UK trip!

Stay humble! Cheers,

Tomas of Old Lost John

New song from forthcoming 2009 album!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! If your speakers are on, there is a new track filling your ears as you read this. Titled Broken, it's taken from the forthcoming Old Lost John album, and features backing vocals from Frida Ekerlund, trombone by Goran Abelli, and spooky fills of bowed saw from Frida Astrand. More info about the album and its release date etc will follow soon. Cheers, Tomas of Old Lost John

Old Lost John on What's Kickin' compilation!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! Volume IV in the What's Kickin' series, an album compiling artists who performed at the renowned americana club What's Cookin' in London over the year, includes one exclusive track from Old Lost John. Titled Smooth Lover, it features, as well as myself, trombonist Goran Abelli and backing vocalist Ida Gustavsson, and is not available elsewhere. The album is released through Stove Pony Records and launched at What's Cookin', The Sheepwalk, in London on June 17. More info on who's performing that night etc on Unfortunately, Old Lost John will not take part, as I'm being busy back in Sweden. I'll provide a link to buying the album online after its release, so stay tuned! Cheers, Tomas

UK Spring Tour 2009!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools, A brief little UK tour this week, four gigs in total: May 13 Cup of Tea Folk @ Lee Rosy's, Nottingham (supporting Dana Wylie Band) May 14 Acoustic Rooms @ The Soak, Selly Oak, Birmingham (plus Sarah Gough, Rogue State Circus) May 15 Ditch the TV @ Newbold Comyn Arms, Leamington Spa (plus Malc Evans Band, Fola) May 16 What's Cookin' @ The Sheepwalk, Leytonstone, London (supporting Shirley Lee) More details to be found on the Calendar page. Hope to see you if you're in the neighbourhood!

Dagger Dagger gets good review!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! The Australian compilation Beyond the Pale from Sideways Through Sound was recently reviewed by the Terrascope website. "Wyrd and creepy, Dagger Dagger is one of my favourites on the comp, the deep gravelly voice of Old Lost John adding acres of atmosphere to the tune, as does the old pump organ". Read the whole thing at

Here, there and everywhere...

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! The compilation album from last year's FAWM challenge, "14 Songs in 28 Days, Vol IV", is now available. It features fourteen songs picked by a jury, including Railway Car by Old Lost John, and it's available here: The very same song is also part of another compilation, "Handmade and Homespun", put together by american songwriter and americana enthusiast Joel D Canfield. See here: But it doesn't end there. The Australian radio show Sideways Through Sound has just released a glorious double CD package with some of their favourite artists from the show, and Old Lost John is one of them. The album is called "Beyond the Pale", and the gloomy classic Dagger Dagger was chosen for inclusion. Go here: Stay humble, cheers! Tomas of Old Lost John

And yet another year again...

Fans, friends, fairies and fools, thanks to all of you who supported Old Lost John during 2008. Many thanks to everybody I've had the pleasure to work with on stage: Olof Jennfors, Mattias Ljunggren, Johan Malmberg, Unni Zimmerdahl, Goran Abelli, Ida Gustafsson, Mikael Persson and Mattias Otfors. So, another year gone and closer to death. Looking back, did I keep my head on my shoulders? My heart in my chest? Yes, I did, this year I did! I'm not gonna give too much away, but I think 2009 looks quite promising. The FAWM jury picked one of my songs for inclusion on the Fawmpilation 2008 album, about to be released within short. (FAWM is an annual songwriting project on the web, attracting hundreds of songwriters.) There's a couple of other compilations I'll be on as well, but that's a little further ahead. And the Old Lost John album, is it turning out a 'lost' album? (No pun intended.) Well, I've changed my direction once or twice about what songs to put on it, what kind of arrangements and production to go for and whatever, but it has all settled and I'm moving forward. Upcoming gigs and tours? I'm going back to the UK in late April and/or early May I think, but I've just started working on it, so we'll see. Next up anyway is Restaurang Möllan, on home ground here in Malmö, Sweden, January 13. Stay humble, and best wishes for 2009! Tomas of Old Lost John


Fans, friends, fairies and fools! Halfway through the year of 2008, and a good time to look back and reflect upon the past six months. It's been a reasonably eventful year so far, including my first UK tour, a couple of German dates and of course a few gigs on Swedish home turf as well. Despite being an unsigned artist, managing myself, I have nevertheless gained exposure through several blogs and podcast shows, and lately enjoyed radio airplay in various European countries as well as the US and New Zealand. The UK solo tour in particular was a good move. Most of the venues really nice ones with a good audience, and obviously rewarding to perform in front of a crowd in their own language. I've made some valuable contacts and good friends and I'm eager to get back whenever possible. A swift look ahead. Only a few gigs booked for the summer, but I'll write and record some new material, and hopefully get an album out at some point. I'll keep you updated. Now take care of yourself and your loved ones, and have a wonderful summer! Tomas of Old Lost John

UK South East Spring Tour 2008 starts tomorrow!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! In a few days I leave my dear old Sweden and fly to London to begin my UK South East Spring Tour 2008! Eight dates within ten days (the support slot for Jason Ringenberg at What's Cookin' on the 12th just added), see details below, and even further details on the Gigs page: May 7, 9PM El Club Cobra (Sunrooms) Southend-on-Sea May 8, 9PM Shangri La (Railway Hotel) Southend-on-Sea May 10, 8PM Cavendish Arms (Stockwell) London May 11, 6PM Come Down and Meet the Folks (The Apple Tree) London (supporting Southern Tenant Folk Union) May 12, 8PM What's Cookin' (The Sheepwalk), London (supporting Jason Ringenberg) May 14, 8PM The Bee's Mouth, Brighton May 15, 9PM The Rooms, St Leonards-on-Sea May 16, 8PM The Smugglers, Hastings I'm going solo, though bassist Mikael Persson will join me in Brighton and possibly St Leonards. So, if you're living in the area, very welcome! And if you don't but know someone who does, tell them not to miss it! Cheers! Tomas

FAWM is over!

FAWM 2008 is over and I made it again, wrote 14,5 songs during the 29 days of the month! To hear all the songs and read my fellow songwriter's comments, go to Then have a listen to some of the others' stuff as well!

Another year...

Fans, friends, fairies and fools, thanks to all of you who supported Old Lost John during 2007. Also, thanks to everybody I've had the pleasure to work with on stage: Ida Gustafsson, Johan Malmberg, Lars Borg, Goran Abelli, Joel Nevrup, Unni Zimmerdahl, Olof Jennfors and Markus Narvik. In the studio, I've had visits from Orkester Gul, Rebecka Karlsson and Searching for Luke aka Frida Astrand. So, another year gone and closer to death. Looking back, did I keep my head on my shoulders? My heart in my chest? Well, most of the time anyway... A handful of gigs booked so far, Berlin in February and the UK in May. More will be added, so keep an eye on the calendar. And have a look at the comments page, there's a couple of nice things added recently that I found when I googled. Stay humble, and best wishes for 2008! Tomas of Old Lost John

Finally - the new album is here!

Yes, I've kept you waiting way too long, but the time has finally come! The first copies of the new Old Lost John release, "The Ghost of Calder Mountain", have now materialized! Twelve songs and about 45 minutes of haunting music, delivered in a neat package with full lyrics. Here's the track listing: 1) Don't Lean On Me, 2) Join The Circus, 3) Boy With A Fever, 4) Would Coffee Do The Trick?, 5) Sick Mary, 6) Hey Lady, 7) Back Into The Zone, 8) Toads, 9) Dagger Dagger (Halloween Song 2006), 10) The Ghost Of Calder Mountain, 11) On My Side Of The River, 12) Sensitive Too. It will be available through CD Baby within short, just go the the 'shopping' page and press the button! (Swedish customers may find it easier to do it the primitive way, put the money in the hollow oak after sundown and I'll have one of my pigeons deliver the CD. But send an email first to make sure we get that oak correctly located!)

Fourteen new songs!!!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! The month of February is over, and so is the annual FAWM project, where participating songwriters aim to come up with fourteen new songs within four weeks. I'm happy to announce that I made it, though I had to throw in a couple of rough sketches towards the end. This has been an interesting experience and great fun. Amazing to see what you can deliver when you focus and get your creative muscles working. I've been lucky to be able to set off plenty of time for this, and only lost a little momentum when I had a couple of low-profile gigs last weekend. Actually, I think I'll consider about half of the songs keepers, material for gigs and the next album. I'll even keep a couple of recordings pretty much the way they are. The songs will be up for listening on the Music page for some time, so please go lend an ear. For lyrics, click on titles. You can also go to my page on FAWM,, and read superlative comments from my (mostly) american songwriter colleagues. Next thing to take care of will be the album I've promised you for some time. (Too many songs in the can!) I'll also get a smashing live band together for upcoming gigs, so stay tuned! And, of course, stay humble and keep an open mind! Tomas of Old Lost John

Old Lost John enters FAWM 2007!

I don't know how you guys spent your Valentine. Personally, with no romantic adventures knocking at my door, I decided to join the FAWM project and agree to come up with fourteen new songs within the month of February! FAWM is short for February Album Writing Month, and you can find out more about it on if you're interested or would like to join. Two weeks gone when I sign, which means approximately one new song each day. Now there's a challenge! Anyway, so far so good. The first song is called Sensitive Too, and you find it at the bottom of the Music page, under the heading FAWM Project 2007. It's my usual kinda stuff, minor key, fingerpicking, words like "night, moon, breath" and so on, bla bla bla... (Oh, I forgot "rain"...) Only thirteen songs left to write! Stay humble and don't get hung up! Tomas of Old Lost John

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to all you fans, friends, fairies and fools supporting Old Lost John! Thanks also to all of you I've had the pleasure to work with on stage or in the studio during the year: Moppis Andersson, Mikael Persson, Maria Davidsson, Johan Malmberg, Thomas Jarbo, Ida Gustafsson, Frida Ã…strand and Eddie Didriksson. And thanks to Peter Kaarle for getting me gigs and lending the amp, to Carson in Canada for the airplay, to Acoustic Shack and any other webcast station that included Old Lost John in their playlists during the year. And thanks to anyone else I forget to mention that deserves it. This has been a reasonably good year for Old Lost John, writing and recording a healthy amount of new material, gaining good reputation and increasing the fan base. Alas, I didn't get the new album together, and I didn't tour the UK. I don't want to make any promises for 2007 that I won't be able to keep, but on the other hand, not making any promises is not the way to make things happen. So I promise I'll push myself to focus on what needs to be done, keep my heart in my chest and my head on my shoulders and pull on through. As you notice, I've opted for a new website design. Hope you like it. Stay humble, and best wishes for 2007! Tomas of Old Lost John

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone concerned and Midwinter Greetings to you all, fans, friends, fairies and fools!

Halloween Song 2006!

There's a new spooky song I wrote and recorded for this year's Halloween up on the music page. Listen, enjoy and download!

Upcoming home gigs!

On Saturday, October 21, Old Lost John plays Vinylbaren in Malmo, Sweden. Orkester Gul (featuring singer/songwriter Ida Gustavsson) opens the evening at 21.00, and 21.30 Old Lost John enters the stage. This time I'm assisted by violinist Johan Malmberg. Tuesday next week, October 24, Restaurang Mollan will host Old Lost John for another home gig. We'll play two sets, starting around 22.00, and accordionist Thomas Jarbo replaces Johan the fiddler. Bring your friends and sharpen your ears, and see you there!

Busy days in the studio...

Recordings for the upcoming Old Lost John album is underway, and on the 'music' page you can now listen to the new track Don't Lean On Me. Busy days in the studio indeed, as I've also been recording five songs with singer/songwriter Ida Gustavsson, adding melodeon and mandola to one of them.

Pics from Paddy's...

Pictures from last weeks singer/songwriter night at Paddy's (Malmo, Sweden) is up on The Furch cedar top guitar I play in the main picture belongs to fellow singer/songwriter Ida Gustavsson.

Old Lost John at Folk Alley!

Old Lost John has joined the Open Mic Contest at the Folk Alley website. There are currently two songs entered, Sick Mary and the as yet elsewhere unavailable Don't Look For Me. To listen to the new song, go to - and please consider logging in and rating songs.

Stranger To Me!

New song up on the 'music' page, Stranger To Me, vocals and guitar only. Click on the title for lyrics. The song can also be found on

Ain't No Man Looking Good!

Well, that depends. To find out what I'm talking about, go to the 'music' page and listen to the new website release from Old Lost John!

Swift Like A Dagger!

There's a new song up on the 'music' page, called Swift Like A Dagger. Vocals, guitar, mandolin, melodeon and pump organ, all done by myself. Listen, download and enjoy! And something else. Ever wanted to take a closer look at Old Lost John's lyrics? Click on the song titles, and the lyrics will appear before your eyes!

Listen to Sick Mary!

It's been a while since an entirely new song was released on the website. Well, open up your ears and have a listen to Sick Mary! It features guitar, mandolin, melodeon and African drum, and you find it on the Music page!

Like A Stranger live!

Listen to Like A Stranger, recorded live in Malmo, Sweden earlier this year! You find it on the 'Music' page!

Old Lost John at Bodoni!

Don't miss Old Lost John at Bodoni on Thursday 23 this week. Find out more on the Gigs page. The Volym date on Tuesday 21 this week has been cancelled with short notice.

Bernard out - Mikael in

A line-up change for this week's Old Lost John gig at Betlehemskyrkan in Malmo, Sweden. Bernhard the violinist is replaced by Mikael the bassist.

A prayer with Old Lost John?

Well, don't expect it. Do, however, expect a quietly intense gig with songs old and new, performed in the coffee room of a small church. It will be me (Tomas Thunberg, that is) on vocals and guitar, Moppis Andersson on mandolin and Bernhard Steiner on violin, with Sweet Mary singer/songwriter Maria Davidsson on guest vocals. 'The Story So Far' will be sold at the gig for 100 SEK. So, if you're in Malmo, Sweden this Thursday, 9th of March, don't miss it! See more details on the 'Gigs' page!

Three gigs in March!

Old Lost John looks set to play three gigs on home turf in Malmo, Sweden next month. There will be some new material and probably a three- or four-piece line up, possibly with guests. Click on 'Gigs' for further information!

As We Do It Live!

Download, or just listen to, a live version of As We Do In Dreams, favourite song of many Old Lost John fans and the one that usually finishes off the live set. This recording was made in Betlehemskyrkan in Malmo, December last year, and features Eddie Didriksson on second guitar.


Thanks to those of you buying records and joining the mailing list in Konsthallen yesterday.

In the Round with Old Lost John!

A host of artists of American, Canadian, Danish and Swedish origin, including an appearance by Old Lost John, performing three numbers each in rotation. Restaurang Smak, Malmo Konsthall on January 18. Do not miss this! More info on the Calendar page.

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to all you fans, friends, fairies and fools supporting Old Lost John! The website was launched by the end of April, and statistics are rising continuously. Today, Old Lost John have registered fans in Sweden, England, USA and Canada, and probably followers elsewhere that I don't know anything about. Special thanks to the musicians and on-and-off members of the live band: Moppis Andersson (mando), Eddie Didriksson (guitar), Bernhard Steiner (violin) and Mikael Persson (bass guitar).

Merry Christmas!

Midwinter Greetings and Merry Christmas to everyone concerned!

Breath Upon The Breeze live recording!

A live recording of Breath Upon The Breeze from Betlehemskyrkan in Malmo is up on the music page. Listen, enjoy, download!

Old Lost John live recordings coming up!

In a few days, new live recordings will be available through the website. The gig at Betlehem Church in Malmo was taped in its entirety, and I'd like to share some of the best parts with all of you out there.

Old Lost John goes to church!

Don't miss the cosy Old Lost John gig at the Bethlehem church in Malmo, Thursday December 1! Check the Calendar for details.

Old Lost John at Café Barbro!

Short notice, but Old Lost John will perform at the party night at Café Barbro this Saturday 5/11! Check the Calendar for details.

Old Lost John on top!

Old Lost John is currently number one on the play list for unsigned Swedish artists, all categories. Everybody loves Blood!

Searching for Luke

This week, another Malmo act releases its debut album. I will join the line-up and do some guitar work for Searching For Luke, aka Frida Astrand, at the release party at Nya Trols in Malmo, Wednesday October 19.

Surprise gig at film festival!

The solo version of Old Lost John (Tomas Thunberg, vocals and guitar) will do a surprise gig at the opening of Fantastisk Film Festival in Lund tonight. Check the Calendar for details!

Brand new track!

The Valley Below, a brand new track, is now up on the music page! The first time an Old Lost John recording features a melodeon!

Fire In My Chest recorded live!

Now there's a live version of Fire In My Chest up on the music page. It was recorded at Bodoni in Malmo this summer.

Showcase with Old Lost John

Thursday this week, September 1, there will be a special showcase at Bodoni, Malmö, featuring Old Lost John, Sweet Mary and Lancaster Orchestra. Check the calendar page for details.

Open mike appearance

I will make a brief appearance at Bodoni this Thursday, doing a few songs during the open mike, probably new material. The afore-mentioned live recording hasn't been scrapped. Just a couple of days, and you will be able to hear what Fire In My Chest and Breath Upon The Breeze sounded like at the August 4 gig.

Old Lost John live recordings!

Yes, I taped the gig at Bodoni last week, and I am currently working on the mastering. A couple of songs should be up on the Music page within a few days! And I'll be back at the venue this Thursday for a brief open mike solo spot, field testing a couple of new songs!

Bodoni this thursday - don't miss it!

Some further details about the upcoming gig at Bodoni, Malmö this Thursday. The line up looks like this: Tomas Thunberg (vocals, guitar and harmonica), Lars Andersson (mandolin), Mikael Persson (bass) and Bernhard Steiner (violin, tin whistle). You'll find more about exact times, location and things like that on the Calendar page. See you!

Bodoni gig confirmed!

Don't miss Old Lost John's full gig at Bodoni on the 4th of August! Expect a line up featuring guitar, mandolin, bass and violin. First, of course, it's Klubb Nebraska at Intermezzo, July 29. It'll be a quiet duo performance, with Moppis backing me up on mandolin. You'll find more details on the Calendar page.

Alive and well!

Yeah, not a lot of action on the website lately, but Old Lost John is in fact still alive and well, though cursing the heat and praying for rain! Download statistics indicates that Fire In My Chest is currently the most popular song, followed by Fall and Breath Upon The Breeze. And there's a couple of gigs on home turf coming up! Klubb Nebraska at Intermezzo will feature Old Lost John on July 29, and we'll be playing Bodoni one of the following weeks. Keep an eye on the Calendar page!

Loads of downloads!

Download full versions of Fall, Breath Upon the Breeze and As We Do In Dreams from the music page!

Nothing much really...

No gigs and no revelations. Dream of small villages in the great Canadian woods where souls of long dead natives peek through the eyes of lofty owls. Oh, and there's a borrowed accordion currently residing at the Old Lost John nest. A heavy piece with numerous buttons. Quite difficult to deal with...

Bodoni gig cancelled!

Sadly, the Bodoni gig scheduled for June 9 has been cancelled. Bodoni has suddenly decided to have a summer break for the clubs on Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting next week. Consequently, Old Lost John is sidelined. We had a deal and the date was announced on Bodoni's own site as well. Of course, we're not impressed.

Fire In My Chest!

Download Fire In My Chest, or listen to the streaming lo-fi version! This recording is also to be found on the Breath Upon The Breeze CDR.

New date for Bodoni gig!

The one-hour Old Lost John gig at Bodoni, Malmo, has been moved to June 9th! That's exactly one week earlier than previously announced. Expect a four-piece line up, more information will follow.

Rare download!

Now you can download She Brings, an outtake from the Riverside Blues CDR. Do it now, it will only be available this week!

Download More Than I Need!

More Than I Need (from the As We Do In Dreams CDR) is now available for download! For modem users, there's a lo-fi streaming version. And remember to watch out for an unreleased demo rarity later this week!

An hour with Old Lost John!

Old Lost John isn't exactly known for extensive touring or gigging. On June 16th, however, a full line-up version looks set to play a one-hour gig at Bodoni following the songwriter's showcase. The date is preliminary, but will hopefully be confirmed within short. Keep coming back for further details!

Listen to Blood!

Download the song Blood (from the Riverside Blues demo CDR), or simply listen to it during your visit!

Rare download!

Now you can download a loose, late night take of the traditional Honey Babe Blues. It's not available on any of the cdr's that's been circulated, and will only remain on the site for download this week.

Listen to soundclips!

Yes, there are a couple of short soundclips for you if you press the "music" button to the left. Just a little appetizer, there will be full songs to download within a day or two!

On the web at last!

Finally, the official Old Lost John website is up and running! Every now and then rare recordings will be downloadable for a limited time, so make sure you don't miss them!

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