Alive and well!

Yeah, not a lot of action on the website lately, but Old Lost John is in fact still alive and well, though cursing the heat and praying for rain! Download statistics indicates that Fire In My Chest is currently the most popular song, followed by Fall and Breath Upon The Breeze. And there's a couple of gigs on home turf coming up! Klubb Nebraska at Intermezzo will feature Old Lost John on July 29, and we'll be playing Bodoni one of the following weeks. Keep an eye on the Calendar page!


Akash August 19, 2013 @05:16 am
ya.. the food there was great... but even for taipo people, still not go there too often... need to wait for long... haha... and too heavy... the 蒜蓉糯米蒸羔蟹 is good good.
Ebube August 16, 2013 @07:16 am
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