Bodoni gig cancelled!

Sadly, the Bodoni gig scheduled for June 9 has been cancelled. Bodoni has suddenly decided to have a summer break for the clubs on Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting next week. Consequently, Old Lost John is sidelined. We had a deal and the date was announced on Bodoni's own site as well. Of course, we're not impressed.


Derick August 17, 2013 @05:06 am
that a logo was only as good as its success in being aacsoisted with a brand or entity. Most of the reasons we make context and visual decisions based on research, experience and laws are actually transparent to most people who see our designs. So, I wonder, does this type of analysis fall into the category of an amusing design intellectual exercise, since, in the end, the logo that will win, will win because there was a mix of the ability to sell with how the decision maker felt this morning? Don't get me wrong; I am all for allowing Gestalt take us by the hand in the process of solving visual problems. And I am totally aware of, and all for knowing, that the beauty of our job is that fact e28094 the fact that we know enough about how perception works to insert beautiful, subtle (or not-so-subtle) visual items into our final solutions that are, on one end, transparent to the viewer, and on the other a very effective tool to activate unconscious reactions in them. So, after all this, I probably should thank you for reading this far. I should not expect it, since, after all, I am almost off-subject. But I can't simplify a choice without setting a context. So, with the reality hitting us in the head again, that an obvious choice does not necessarily make the cut, how does one make a choice? Well, at first glance, aesthetically the fire logo seems like the choice. And it is pretty much because of association e28094 what has happened visually in the past makes us feel like it is a more appropriate solution. If we think back, recent logos for games in other countries do take into account the symbolism and heritage of the host country. And we all can dig that. The winning logo can be aacsoisted faster with an electronics company if it did not have the rings. But, again, what makes either one better or worse? Nothing. I think they both could have used a little tweaking to make them more fluid and accomplish better visual closure. How well will it represent and naturally be aacsoisted with the games it represents? Well, we won't know for a while. And a lot of it will have to do with what happens with the complementing design around it. Which design style do I prefer? The winning logo. Which design I would wear? The fire logo. And so on . . .1011