Bodoni gig confirmed!

Don't miss Old Lost John's full gig at Bodoni on the 4th of August! Expect a line up featuring guitar, mandolin, bass and violin. First, of course, it's Klubb Nebraska at Intermezzo, July 29. It'll be a quiet duo performance, with Moppis backing me up on mandolin. You'll find more details on the Calendar page.


Mario August 17, 2013 @05:36 am
What guitar amp would you sugegst?GUITAR PLAYERS I NEED YOUR HELP:I need the ultimate guitar amp and I want your sugegstions! I'm willing to pay up to about $3,500 or less. I know this is a subjective question. But I play jazz/rock/blues/soul/country/R B and I'm looking for an amp that just has beautiful tube and clean tone. Once I have that beautiful tube clean tone I can add crunch or distortion later if i want to. I don't care if it's a combo or a head with a cabinet but I'm not looking for a huge amp just something of reasonable size with gorgeous tone!Some guitar tones I like would be able to emulate: Derek Trucks, Larry Carton, Hendrix, Eric Krasno, John Scofield, Oz Noy, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman etc. I play lots of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Soul, R B, and Country I need a really versatile amp with beautiful tone!So what would you sugegst?Here are some amps I've been looking at:FENDER AMPS:1. VibroKing2. VibroVerbWhat's the difference between a Fender VibroKing and a VibroVerb?I know the VibroKing is top of the line in Fender. But I know Stevie Ray Vaughan used to play through a VibroVerb and they don't make them anymore but I could find one, And I know the VibroKing is really clean with great tone but what's the difference in the two??? Which would you sugegst and why?MESA BOOGIE:1. Lone Star2. Mark VAs far as MesBoogie amps go I usually hear about them for Rock and Metal. Which is cool, but I also play Jazz and Clean Country in the studio. On the other hand I know Eric Krasno plays a mesaboogie lone star and he plays Jazz and blues and it sounds good. What are your thoughts on these amps??? Is MesaBoogie the way to go??? Why or why not?JACKSON AMPWORKS1. British 2.0This is a new tube amp and I've seen great demos on youtube for it. Sounds great in the video. I know John Mayer's guitarist uses one. But everything seems to be for a specific style I mean it sounds bluesy all the time. I LOVE the blues but I don't know if this one will be clean enough since I can get the bluesy crunch from pedals if I need to I think on the other hand, I want to use as few pedals as possible to get the purest tone I can. Anyway what do you think???? Is it versatile enough?Marshall:I just don't know enough about Marshall amps but I do know there are some classics out there What do you sugegst??