Bodoni this thursday - don't miss it!

Some further details about the upcoming gig at Bodoni, Malmö this Thursday. The line up looks like this: Tomas Thunberg (vocals, guitar and harmonica), Lars Andersson (mandolin), Mikael Persson (bass) and Bernhard Steiner (violin, tin whistle). You'll find more about exact times, location and things like that on the Calendar page. See you!


Frantz August 16, 2013 @02:50 am
Hi again!Concerning this argument for and agsnait the use of triploids where there are wild stocks of oysters, I found this article rather pertinent in Hereditary, 2004, Chromosome inheritance in triploid Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas Thunberg: Since triploids have greatly reduced reproductive potential compared with diploid stocks, the use of triploids in aquaculture can still reduce ‘genetic pollution’ of wild populations by selected strains. On the other hands, the production of aneuploid progeny is unwanted. When large populations of triploids are deployed for aquaculture production, they could affect chromosome number of wild populations .I've seen other articles where similar doubts have been raised, and I agree there are lots of for's and agsnait'sAnd are you sure that the nucleotide sequences in genes are not disturbed in aneuploidy? I'll have to check it out more.All I'm trying to say is that we are treading along a thin balancing line and we need to be aware of ALL the pro's and con's as far as possible.Farming oysters started off in France around 1860 when the idea of artificial breeding was first mooted. The wild population was used but succumbed to diseases, not always caused by farming techniques, obviously, but the latter were not entirely innocent either.I share your hope that society is becoming more environmentally aware but we are also causing damage on a far higher scale than ever before. I do not think we can play God with nature in the long run. Civilised man is the paradox! Your point about all the waste in our waters, ocean acidification etc is another embarrassing subject. Again let's have more transparency and discussion.