Finally - the new album is here!

Yes, I've kept you waiting way too long, but the time has finally come! The first copies of the new Old Lost John release, "The Ghost of Calder Mountain", have now materialized! Twelve songs and about 45 minutes of haunting music, delivered in a neat package with full lyrics. Here's the track listing: 1) Don't Lean On Me, 2) Join The Circus, 3) Boy With A Fever, 4) Would Coffee Do The Trick?, 5) Sick Mary, 6) Hey Lady, 7) Back Into The Zone, 8) Toads, 9) Dagger Dagger (Halloween Song 2006), 10) The Ghost Of Calder Mountain, 11) On My Side Of The River, 12) Sensitive Too. It will be available through CD Baby within short, just go the the 'shopping' page and press the button! (Swedish customers may find it easier to do it the primitive way, put the money in the hollow oak after sundown and I'll have one of my pigeons deliver the CD. But send an email first to make sure we get that oak correctly located!)


Mahkame August 16, 2013 @01:38 pm
lol, yes the way you wrote that response is the way it looks on my kndile It will start out the normal font size, then there will be entire pages in bold font, this will eventually fade into what actually looks like a faded font style. A few pages after that things get normal again. This cycle usually repeats itself several times during in your ebooks (though I have seen it in others). Hopefully it’s not bugging out! God, I hope not! I don't really want to fork over another hundred some dollars right now. Plus I plan on upgrading after this kndile, to either the Kindle Fire or (as you suggested) the Samsung Galaxy. Perhaps for a future ebook of the month. That would be helpful yes. At least that way I'd know if they were even halfway decent authors.