Old Lost John at Folk Alley!

Old Lost John has joined the Open Mic Contest at the Folk Alley website. There are currently two songs entered, Sick Mary and the as yet elsewhere unavailable Don't Look For Me. To listen to the new song, go to www.folkalley.com/openmic/artist.php?id=178 - and please consider logging in and rating songs.


Cristian August 19, 2013 @05:54 am
May 16, 2013 at 9:01 am My kids got me a Kindle Fire HD for Mother's Day and your new site looks great on it! I can even listen to your radio brcoaadsts on this thing! Amazing tech world we live in! Now I can hear you on my car radio, computer, iPod, and new Kindle. What would John Wesley have thought of all this? His horse would have had more rest for sure. But guess what? This keyboard won't give me Satan as a choice in its list! It has Santa though oh my another sign that the world doesn't believe he exists. Anyway, I love your recent messages prayer. Thank you, Dr. Brown.