Another year gone...

Fans, friends, fairies and fools, thanks to all of you who supported Old Lost John during 2009, and everybody I've had the pleasure to work with on stage and in the studio, as well as those of you who were otherwise involved in the creation of the Faceless album. Let's see... Olof Jennfors, Göran Abelli, Ida Gustafsson, Frida Ekerlund, Frida Åstrand, Thomas Denver Jonsson, Johan Malmberg, Jan Hellman, Mattias Ljungren, Paul Ström, Anton Axelsson... Apologies if there's someone I forget to mention!

The reviews for the album have been quite stunning, and I'm looking forward to start working on the next one. I won't hurry things though, so don't expect to hear the first tracks until the spring or summer. UK residents may look forward to my next tour in May, with seven or eight gigs already confirmed. 

In the meantime, check out the new video for Come Saturday, made by my friend Joel Nevrup, by clicking on 'Video' in the navigation bar above!

Stay humble, and best wishes for 2010!
Tomas of Old Lost John