Stockamöllan Blues 'n' Roots Festival 

Festival gig coming up Saturday 15 June, Stockamöllan in the South of Sweden. Three acts, Old Lost John opening the night. Read more on the gigs page.

Hope to see you there if you're in that neck of the woods, chheers! /Tomas

Seers and Weathermen 


Howdy folks,

The new Old Lost John album "Seers and Weathermen" is available today on your favourite streaming and download platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and whatnot. These ten songs were written over the past few years and mostly recorded from October last year onwards. Some of them were recorded in my small flat in Malmo and some in my parents old house in the dark woods of Smaland where I grew up. All performed, mixed and mastered by yours truly to the best of my abilities, I hope it all…

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Made of Mud 

Howdy folks,
This is the first time I've made the brave decision to release a single. It was recorded in a big old house in the middle of the woods, vocals and guitar simultaneously into a small all-in-one recording unit. Intermittent harmonica and slide mandolin were added later back in town, and everything was mixed and mastered by yours truly to the best of my abilities. The song is about the state of the world in general and climate change in particular - any comments and further inquiries about the…

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Pickin' the blues. 

Last week I was in a big house in the woods and recorded a number of songs. Here is a bluesy one.


Devil's Got A Hold On You 

Here's a lyric-video of Devil's Got A Hold On You from the recent Strayways digital EP.

Old Lost John at Live at Heart! 

Playing at the Live at Heart Festival in Örebro, Sweden on Saturday 5th September. Two gigs, first at Slottskrogen 16:00, then at Scandic Veranda 22:00. It's a city festival and there are several venues with live music all over town, but you need a festival pass to get in. All you need to know can be found here. Hope to see some of you! Cheers!