Album release and UK tour in April!

Fans, friends, fairies and fools! The new Old Lost John album "Bringing Down the Sky" is scheduled for release on April 13, and will be followed by a UK tour starting in Brighton the 16th and ending in Newcastle the 28th. Eight gigs in total, full details on the Calendar page. After a few late changes, this is the final track list on the album: 1) Satan's Got You Down, 2) Eluding Me, 3) Smooth Lover, 4) Scarecrow, 5) Sparkle and Rain, 6) Gallow's Hill, 7) Make It Last, 8) Into the Bone, 9) Regina's Bar, 10) From An Airborne. The album will be made available directly through me (on this website) or CDBaby, and downloads from iTunes, Amazon etc. Take care and stay humble! Tomas