The new album is here!


Fans, friends, fairies and fools! The time has come to proudly present the new Old Lost John album! Launching my own label, Tight Grain Recordings, "Faceless" will in fact be my first properly manufactured album after a string of demos and limited CD-R releases.

At the core of it all is my voice and quiet fingerpicking, embellished by occassional other instruments in a purely acoustic setting. The album was recorded during late nights at my private home studio, and features inspired performances from a small cast of musicians. There are Göran Abelli's exquisite trombone fills, the eerie spells of Frida Åstrand's bowed saw, mandolin by Olof Jennfors and four various backup singers: Ida Gustafsson, Frida Ekerlund, Frida Åstrand and critically praised songwriter and fellow Swede Thomas Denver Jonsson. There's also a vast array of various acoustic instruments, like guitars, mandolin, mandola, melodeon, pump organ, tremelo harmonica and tin whistle, that I took care of myself.

The track list goes like this: 01 Broken, 02 Fairies And Fools, 03 Come Saturday, 04 In From The Cold, 05 Tremble, 06 She Won't Listen (remastered), 07 Railway Car (remastered), 08 Nothing Good, 09 And She Looked Down, 10 Dagger Dagger (remastered).

The album will have its full release on the 17th of September through CDBaby and their digital partners Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster etc. However, it will be exclusively available already to those attending my upcoming UK shows between September the 7th and 10th (see Calendar). The official release gig in my home town of Malmo, Sweden, will not take place until October the 7th, when hopefully all or most of the people performing on the album will be able to take part.

I'll get back to you with links and more detailed info about how to order the album when I'm back home again after my UK trip!

Stay humble! Cheers,

Tomas of Old Lost John