Lost in Swansea - free digital download!

Spring is here (in Sweden anyway) and I'm in a good mood. Making myself ready for a handful of German dates next week, but first I'd like to offer you a digital download EP from my gig at The Chattery in Swansea, UK, back in December last year.


As an introductory offer, lasting for one week, you can download it for free, or choose to pay whatever you feel it might be worth to you. The download comes with full lyrics and a secret video link of rare footage. And if you're just as happy simply streaming it online, you can do that too. It's called Lost in Swansea, and yes, me and my tour companion I'm Kingfisher actually got a little lost on the way, but that's another story.


Oh, and the German tour, for those of you whom it may concern, please have a closer look here.


Anything else? Nah, that'll be it for now. And be careful out there!


All the best,