Back Room Prayer 2005 live album out November 20!

There is a new live album in the pipeline, recorded way back in 2005 in the small back room of Betlehemskyrkan (Church of Bethlehem) in Malmö. This is a rare glimpse into some early material that should be unfamiliar to most fans, at a point where I did a fair amount of strumming as well as finger picking. Bearing in mind this was recorded onto analog cassette tape, I think it sounds pretty good. On this particular occasion I was joined by Eddie Didriksson on second guitar, harmonica and backing vocals. Track list: 1) Blood, 2) Fire in My Chest, 3) Stardust and Mould, 4) More Than I Need, 5) Before You Know, 6) The Ghost of Calder Mountain, 7) Breath upon the Breeze, 8) The Valley Below, 9) As We Do in Dreams, 10) I Get Along. Release date 20th of November.