And yet another year again...

Fans, friends, fairies and fools, thanks to all of you who supported Old Lost John during 2008. Many thanks to everybody I've had the pleasure to work with on stage: Olof Jennfors, Mattias Ljunggren, Johan Malmberg, Unni Zimmerdahl, Goran Abelli, Ida Gustafsson, Mikael Persson and Mattias Otfors. So, another year gone and closer to death. Looking back, did I keep my head on my shoulders? My heart in my chest? Yes, I did, this year I did! I'm not gonna give too much away, but I think 2009 looks quite promising. The FAWM jury picked one of my songs for inclusion on the Fawmpilation 2008 album, about to be released within short. (FAWM is an annual songwriting project on the web, attracting hundreds of songwriters.) There's a couple of other compilations I'll be on as well, but that's a little further ahead. And the Old Lost John album, is it turning out a 'lost' album? (No pun intended.) Well, I've changed my direction once or twice about what songs to put on it, what kind of arrangements and production to go for and whatever, but it has all settled and I'm moving forward. Upcoming gigs and tours? I'm going back to the UK in late April and/or early May I think, but I've just started working on it, so we'll see. Next up anyway is Restaurang Möllan, on home ground here in Malmö, Sweden, January 13. Stay humble, and best wishes for 2009! Tomas of Old Lost John

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