Another year...

Fans, friends, fairies and fools, thanks to all of you who supported Old Lost John during 2007. Also, thanks to everybody I've had the pleasure to work with on stage: Ida Gustafsson, Johan Malmberg, Lars Borg, Goran Abelli, Joel Nevrup, Unni Zimmerdahl, Olof Jennfors and Markus Narvik. In the studio, I've had visits from Orkester Gul, Rebecka Karlsson and Searching for Luke aka Frida Astrand. So, another year gone and closer to death. Looking back, did I keep my head on my shoulders? My heart in my chest? Well, most of the time anyway... A handful of gigs booked so far, Berlin in February and the UK in May. More will be added, so keep an eye on the calendar. And have a look at the comments page, there's a couple of nice things added recently that I found when I googled. Stay humble, and best wishes for 2008! Tomas of Old Lost John

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